Thursday, 14 March 2013

Good cake, bad cake

The baby is turning 4 this week , so there has a been a whole lot of baking going on. The small has been demanding strawberries for weeks, and with her mean mother refusing to buy the foreign version, I set a deadline that she could have them on her birthday. So as the date neared she hadn't forgotten and declared she wanted a strawberry cake. In a moment of mild inspiration I decided to make a strawberry shaped cake. This beast was made with 10 eggs and was a classic Victoria sponge recipe. The current favourite recipe in our house is to weigh the eggs and use the same amount of butter, sugar, and self raising flour(in this instance an alarming 600g). We then add to this some baking powder, a splash of milk and vanilla. Once it's baked I loaded it with butter icing, 1 pack of butter to 1 pack of icing sugar, with a squirt of lemon and some sieved strawberries for pink.
A few years ago when my nephew turned 1 his mother produced some tin foil wrapped banana cake for his birthday, "banana cake for a birthday" I exclaimed at his earth mother. Anyway after a few years of ridicule I find myself making a banana cake to take to their house for our birthday celebration. I had been delighting in my latest banana cake recipe, a a variation on the Peyton and Byrne one. When I run bath half marathon a few weeks ago it was the very thought of my slice of banana cake wrapped in tin foil that got me through. Today's attempt was somewhat more hurried which meant I missed some of the highlights: the muscovada sugar, the spelt flour and the sprinkling of caster sugar over the unbaked cake. Note the pink icing was not a good alternative. Of course it still tastes great so let's eat cake.