Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Friday night bliss

It's a friday night and it's been raining cats and dogs all day.  The husband is still not home from work, children to bed, husband still not home from work.  Husband appears, dusted with flour: he's been baking.
Dinner time.  We open wine, red a 2004 bottle of bordeaux, "were we meant to keep that?", "drink it", worth it.  What's for dinner?  Veal escalopes (18 more veal recipes to go).  Escalopes de veau cauchoise, in little more than five minutes I produced the nicest dinner I had eaten all week.  The escalopes were seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon juice.  A peeled apple was diced.  1oz of butter was melted in a pan the escalopes were fried on each side,  the diced apple was added, a heated glass of brandy( calvados or whisky is apparently better)  was ignited and added and finally 1/4 pint of cream all cooked for a couple more minutes.  I braved the rain to pick our first lot of kale, steamed on the side, friday night bliss.


  1. featuring you on weekend reading on sat!
    hope thats ok
    sarah x
    ps the veal recipe sounds yum - am going to try it, where do you find english happy veal locally? do you get it from the your butchers or in nailsworth?

  2. The veal came from our butchers in Chipping Sodbury.