Sunday, 9 October 2011


It's not been a bumper year at Quince Tree Cottage year, this is probably the first year I have anticipated their arrival and had a list of recipes lined up.  I of course was hoping to finishing Elizabeth David's, French Provincial cooking as the last quince fell, this hasn't happened.  I could blame it on my shortfall of quinces, but the reality is I was being over ambitious.  Julia took a year and I think I will too.  
I have a bounce in my step for Elizabeth again, now I only have one hare recipe left I think I can do it.  Every recipe continues to be a  success, but I still have to bone a duck and a chicken and cook a partridge in a cabbage, what?!!
Her quince recipes were great, a delicious quince marmalade and a divine quince paste.  I have made quince paste before to cut up into sweet sized portions.  Her recipe cooked the quinces rubbed of their downy skins whole in the oven until they were soft enough to be put through the food mill, then reheated with sugar and cooked in a low oven.  I can't work out how the recipe differs from membrillo, whether the paste is just smoother and typically cooked for longer.  I will have to wait for next years fruit to find out unless anyone has any quinces going spare.  

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