Saturday, 12 November 2011

Remaining ED

This is work in progress and is my remaining recipes from French Provincial Cooking.  Like a defiant teenager I have left all the tricky recipes to the end-nice one!
Stock for sauces
Tresor de cuisine
Orange sauce
Sauce Bercy
Beurre blanc nantais
Sauce catalane
Horseradish and cream sauce
Marinade pour les gibiers
Salad of chickpeas
Celery with anchovy sauce
Mussel salad
Oeufs durs en tapenade
Tomatoes aux Oeufs durs et a la mayonnaise
Eggs in tarragon flavoured jelly
Pain grille aux anchovies
Le saussoun
Sweet sour cherries
3 x salad nicoise
Salad au Chaplin
Salade de pissenlits
Salad of artichoke hearts and lettuce
Bouillon pour
Game consommé
La soupe au lard
Cream of turnip soup
Lentil and sorrel soup
Marseillais fish soup
Nimois fish soup
Mussel soup
Oeufs mollets a la crecy
Hard boiled eggs with onion and cream sauce
Oeufs sur le plat, au miroir
Oeufs sur le play
Oeufs sur le plat Bercy
Oeufs Frits
Oeufs Frits au Beurre noir
Les Oeufs poches
Poached eggs with mussel stock
Poached eggs with meat sauce
Omelette aux truffles
Petites fondues a la bourguigonne
Semolina and potato gnocchi
Truffled pate of duck
Potted rabbit and pork
Galantine of pork with parsley and garlic
Sausage baked in brioche dough
Poached sausage with horseradish sauce
Cured knuckle of pork
Beet root baked in their skins
Cepes a la bordelaise
Dried haricot beans red wine
Lentils with parsley butter
Glazed turnips
Onions stewed in wine
Roast onions
Tinned petits pois
Sweet peppers stewed with tomato
Tomatoes stuffed with breadcrumbs and parsley
Fried smelts
Red gurney with cheese sauce
Grilled herrings with mustard sauce
Soft roes in jacket potatoes
Mackerel with egg butter and herb sauce
Fish mayonnaise
Whiting with red wine sauce
Turbot with cream and herb sauce
La bourride de Charles befit
Cream of salt cod
Salt cod in red wine sauce
Eel baked with leeks and black olives
Fresh water crayfish in court bouillon
Sweet sour carp in the Jewish fashion
Burgundian fish stew
Trout in court bouillon
Fried scallops with garlic and parsley
Mussels on skewers
Mussels with onion and tomato
Moules a la provencale
Lobster mayonnaise
Langouste comme chez nenette
Crawfish or rock lobster with cream and white wine sauce
Grilled Dublin bay prawns
Stuffed snails
Tinned snails with parsley and garlic butter
Frogs legs
Boeuf a la bourguigonne
Boeuf a la mode
Oxtail stewed with white grapes
Grilled oxtail
Ox kidney stewed in wine and mushrooms

93, and that's not it, to quote the third child "what the earth"!
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