Monday, 19 March 2012

Cash Mob

Just to remind you I only survive shopping locally and independently because of the almighty Horsley Community Shop.  This is where I can buy all my basics, cleaning stuff and oodles of treats for the kids.
In Cambridge they are trialling an American idea of "Cash Mob", an alternative to the "Flash Mob" that feel You tube. What it means is a group of people pile into an agreed local shop on a particular to show them it's support, to raise awareness of the store and hopefully pick up some new customers along the way.  A fantastic idea and I'm sure exactly what our small independents could do with at the moment.


  1. Just found your blog and love it! Seems we share the same philosophy about kids and food in particular. I,ve got 3 girls aged , 4,7 and 10 - tuesday we had all their friends round - there was 8 kids altogether and I must have been mad but we made the Fabulous Baker Brothers Easter Biscuits. It was such good fun - but the kitchen looked like a snow storm had hit it ... there was flour everywhere and the four year old decided that she preferred eating the flour to the finished biscuits (don't tell Tom!). They were all absorbed in rolling out the dough and really good at cutting out the biscuit shapes and putting them on trays - though I have to say quite a few mysteriously gained sets of fingerprints in them! Oh well I guess it was a good enough way to find out who made what when they came out of the oven - just put the fingers too the marks!
    I think making biscuits is one of the easiest, funiest and tastiest ways to spend half an hour or so of quality time with your children. You not only know what they are eating is good - but they get to realise how much better home baking is compared to the adulterated rubbish in the shops. Maybe there will be a new biscuit craze like the current cupcake one we seem to be having! Thanks for cheering up my day with your words and giving me some inspiration in my cooking! One small request... any recommendations for a really good set of scales, not digital, one with a big measuring bowl and that has clearly marked metric and imperial? My trusty measure is about to bite the dust and I can't find one I like - any thoughts?

  2. Thanks for the lovely comments. Why are kids always attracted to mess, I found my 5 year old feeding icing sugar to a toad, epic.
    I'm afraid I am a huge fan of digital scales, great for accuracy and minimal washing uo. I tend to just weigh ingredients on them in my kitchen aid bowl. My latest pair can switch between millilitres, oz, and grams; dead handy.