Friday, 22 April 2011

Climb a mountain

On Wednesday we decided to climb a mountain.  Before departure I advised the kids to dress up warm, so independently they all appeared waring all their clothes they had with them for a weeks holiday.  JP was probably the record holder with 6 tops and 2 pairs of tights and a dress.  As we loaded our michelin men into the car with the crab sandwiches we headed from east to west to Argyll and Bute.  Of course in true Herbert style there was a bakery enroute that needed visiting.  We dropped in at Mhor in Callender for a fine illy coffee and a bright pink lamington.  An inspirational family run bakery with lovely packaging, macaroni pies and a fine bouncy sourdough.  
Then we headed through the scenery of 'real Scotland' in search of a mountain suitable for a family to climb.  A car sick stop later- just remove the top two layers(four to go), we were hungry for our lunch.  We stopped by Loch Lommond with our crab sandwiches and planned a route.  From here there were various  marked routes up.  So we headed up Cobbler or was it Arthur, with the boy enthusiastic to carry his back pack the whole way.  The girls bought up the rear removing a layer every 50metres intermittently with filling their pockets with crystals.  As we walked through the forest there was debates to stop but we made it above the tree line conquered Herbert Eagle ledge and ate the last of the birthday fridge cake.
The walk down was a cinch then a mad dash to the original Loch Fyne oyster restaurant before last orders made an oh so perfect day.
Some lessons learnt;
You don't need six layers to climb a mountain on a sunny day.
You do need more than 2 bottles of water between 6
Wear shorts not tights to brown legs
Take a bag to carry stripped off layers
Take more apples

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