Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Smoked oatmeal

We received a very exciting looking package in the post the other day, heavy but roundish, bulky and compact.  In the package were some smoked oats from St Monan's in Scotland,  sent from friends.  This was my kind of package.  In looking through the new Peyton and Byrne cookbook that I am loving I quickly set to making chocolate digestives.  The combination of smoked oats, a large pinch of salt and dark chocolate was unique and too much for the children, but more for us.  Their preference was for the great Peyton and Byrne marble cake.
The next test for the smoked oats was for Marefield Pie.  A Wells' family recipe probably only ever to be made by Wells', but I will give you the recipe anyway.  This recipe was originally taken from a pinhead oatmeal packet by my Grandfather in law, and named after where he was living at the time (Marefield).
Tomatoes, fresh or tinned
Pinhead oatmeal
Fry the bacon, add the tomatoes to a simmer, add the oatmeal, cook until tender then add a significant amount of  roughly chopped parsley.  Serve with scrambled or poached eggs on Hobbs House bread for breakfast.

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