Friday, 27 May 2011

The third child

I have been telling friends recently about the joy of having a third child.  Our third child often feels like a reward for the first two.  She is so full of life and energy she brings us constant amusement and challenges.  She arrived four and half years ago,  the tiniest, mellowist thumb sucker.  Now she keeps us all on our toes, I think I will use this post to update you on our daily adventures;
Today she picked the only allium in the garden.
A pink witch;  The picture above was the consequence of her wanting to give away my Mother's Day present.  She had sewn a beautiful flag at playgroup but she was insistent that she wanted to give it to her cousin.  To comfort my disappointment she offered to draw me a picture instead- a pink witch.
Whilst picnicking on a bench last week Josephine asked whether somebody had died on it because"sometimes people do die on benches".
It is this child in asking about where babies come from, and being told of the Mummy and Daddy's special hug, responds "next time you and Daddy make a baby I would really like to watch".
I promised to update you on the life of the third child, we have made it to July with her running circles around me.  I have been met with comments that "sometimes they are just ready for school", is it that I suspect she is just naughty.  I was very aware of not wishing away her pre school year and we have had a lovely time, but now school will do us both good, it just leaves me fearful for the teacher.
Her playgroup report claims she is well behaved and congratulates her on not only knowing the playgroup rules but sharing them with other children!
Last week it was the school fete so after having far more than the other children's allocated £5, she returns begging for another 70p for the bouncy castle, her persuasion works.  She returns grinning cheek to cheek proclaiming she tricked me and got a tattoo instead, and low and behold she had- a pirates ship on her arm.

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