Monday, 31 October 2011

Food waste

As we sat down for Sunday roast kindly cooked for us, I felt overwhelmed by comfort and joy.  Next I try to work out when we last had a roast dinner and why did it seem novel and not the norm.  I cannot think of a better way to end the week or a more perfect way to start the week.  Fill your family up with hearty warmth then fill your fridge with leftovers for a busy week ahead.
It strikes me that a traditional Sunday roast is not cheering enough homes in these austerity times.  This is exactly how we should be feeding our families to save money.  A leftover joint should be dinner on Monday too, I have been known to make it to Thursday on Sunday leftovers.  Not just by buying an oversized joint but by making stock and being thrifty.  
At these times reducing food waste should be everyones priority, yet people seem to lack the knowledge of basic house keeping.  Best before dates have played havoc with our eating habits with people throwing away food just because it’s passed it date.  In our house we only don't eat it if it's blue and have all become expert milk sniffers,  and that now gets made into soda bread.  I heard a radio 1 DJ concerning herself that she ate an out of date avocado, when did we become so detached from the food we eat that we worry we can poison ourselves with an avocado.
In order to change what we spend on food, and how much we waste we need to look at how we shop and cook.  A friend has managed to dramatically cut her food bill by buying her fruit and veg from the local greengrocers Bramleys not the supermarket, and there’s no packaging or best before dates on that.  To learn more about food and cooking make it your job to cook a Sunday roast and eat it until there isn't a scrap left. 
p.s, buy good quality bread with as few ingredients in as possible, it will last longer, especially sourdoughs or overnight doughs 


  1. I was discussing the inclusion of bread improvers and preservatives in mass produced loaves with someone in the bread industry. I mentioned how we bought bread from the 'bread van' when I was a child (pre-massive supermarkets) and it did go stale relatively quickly. However there was always bread pudding, bread and butter pudding or summer pudding in our house. I totally agree with your concern about the obession with sell by dates. If something smells or tastes off then it is...otherwise it's usually safe to eat (with the exception of a few meats).

  2. lovely to find your blog via Emma B's
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