Sunday, 5 February 2012

happy new year

On New Year’s day I cooked my Elizabeth David finale. I’m keeping my options open as to whether this is the absolute end, it’s just the last recipes require some serious attention and detail; calfs head viniagrette, boned duck or coffee infused ice cream.  The finale was her “Boeuf Bourguignon”, said in a silly french accent.  It was mighty fine and definitely the epitome of what a years worth of cooking Elizabeth David has been about.  Great meat marinated in fine wine, cooked over two days for flavour and tenderness, served with parsnip puree, seasonal greens, a large glass of red wine and a great dollop of fiery dijon mustard.  
This leads me to ask, what’s next?  Normality seems appealing but I’m not really sure what that is.  A return to the supermarket certainly isn’t on the horizon, I was reminded of this after being away for a couple of weeks, landing back in Nailsworth felt like home, greeted with smiling familiar faces and people wanting to chat.
As for what’s on the menu, we have been somewhat distracted by the new tv series, Fabulous Baker Brothers.  What with trying out pies and experimenting with recipes for the book, it’s all been very pastry based.  “We” made the most amazing Beef Wellington this weekend, beef fillet covered with sauteed mushrooms then wrapped in savoy cabbage and the finest puff.  Hopefully with all this pie action I’ll get some help completing one more Elizabeth recipe; a giant sausage roll, an oversized sausage wrapped in brioche dough.  Not the food of New Year’s resolutions.

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