Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Northern Ireland

We went away last week for the jubilee and the kids half term. We had a lush break with lots of cycling, log fires and DVDs. There was just one key component missing (other than the sun) to a great family break: the food. As I am sure you all know our life revolves around food, and therefore a holiday is always geared by where next to eat. Obviously this becomes harder when this isn't available and there is nothing like absence to make the heart grow fonder. We seriously missed our amazing food shops of home. We cooked some nice meals and had some reasonable ones out but the choice was restricted. What I particularly missed was decent meat and great fresh fruit and veg. Unfortunately this is probably all a sign of the times and what were once thriving towns have now been extinguished. For us this was just serious reassurance that supporting our locals is the only way to go.
We celebrated our return to Nailsworth with breakfast at Hobbs, followed by a good shop round our locals. There were some presents to buy in White Buffalo, an ordered audio cd from Yellow Lighted and some supplies from Shiny Goodness. The sun was shining so we seized the opportunity for a picnic and stocked up with some finery from Williams Kitchen my absolute favourite treat, a true homecoming. We love these five valleys. They taste so good.

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