Wednesday, 26 September 2012


In the Herbert household we have had another week of fine eating.  It all got off to a great start with the cooking of an enormous piece of Gammon on monday.  I boiled it up in cider and bay then roasted it with honey and mustard.  To serve I roasted some veg, including a garden marrow, and made oodles of 
parsley sauce and vichy carrots.  Obviously all this cooking has left us with a whole load of leftovers, we are slowly nibbling our way through the ham, but the kids weren't so keen on the parsley sauce so I had about a cup left.  Also loitering in the fridge were some egg whites, I thought I would see whether you can wing a souffl√©.  I loosened the parsley sauce with an egg yolk then added the egg white to the others to probably make three, I whisked these up to stiff and folded through the parsley sauce mix and  popped them in ramekins into the oven for fifteen minutes.  I ate two with leftover ham: a perfect late breakfast.
My other leftover discovery of the week is chocolate truffles, I made a ganache to ice our big girls chocolate cake, there was a tiny bit left, so I whacked it in the fridge and will roll teaspoons in cocoa powder to make some little truffles, tasty.

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