Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Elizabeth David for kids

Victory, I have just cooked an ED dinner that the kids have scoffed.  For dinner tonight we had potato sausages with endives and bacon and tomato sauce.
The potato sausages were made with mashed potato, shallots, leftover chicken, chicken stock, two eggs, parsley and flour.("fishcakes without fish")
Two shallots and a little parsley were fried in butter,  2 tablespoons of stock were added with 4 tablespoons of cooked chicken, then a teaspoon of flour, then season and remove from the heat.  Stir in 2 eggs then mashed potato made from 4 potatoes.  Then leave overnight(ideally according to ED), next take a spoon of the mixture and roll in flour to a chipolata shape.  Fry in beef dripping or butter.
We had ours with endives and bacon.  Endives is a new exciting discovery for us.  Just as I was boring a little of the vegetables winter has to offer along came endives.  Tonight they were sliced, stewed in butter with bacon added.
I also made a tomato sauce.  I haven't used a tin of tomatoes in months.  Why use a tin when you can by fresh for a little more money but make a completely different fresh tasting sauce.  Tonight's was made from chopped tomatoes, the first sprigs of garden oregano, onion, and carrot all fried in a little olive oil then stewed until sievable- divine.
There we go, a perfectly balanced completely Elizabeth David supper ate by all.

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