Thursday, 3 March 2011

A confession

There is something I haven't been telling you.  In contrast to the cream and cheese, I have been training for Bath Half Marathon which is on Sunday.  Of course my reason to train is to adopt the figure of a super model, the reality is I weigh exactly the same and I am still only just 5'2!  Over the last month my running friend and I have been running further in a an attempt to succeed.  Despite initial resistance I always love it once I am out, there is no better place to be than pounding the hills of the five valleys.  It makes you much more sensitive to the weather and the changing season.  I am no athlete and running doesn't come naturally to me, which means there is normally an adventure to be had.  This means running round fields in circles looking for a way out, negotiating barbed wire fences and running through sticky deep mud.  The aim is often to get out on top with the elements, on one run we watched the beautiful chase across the brow of the hill of our dogs and a deer.  The deer, the lurcher then the collie, the deer won.
My worst run was the ten mile that ended up nearing fourteen.  It was a little ambitious to think we could run to Stroud over the top, Minchinhampton, Gatcombe(lovely footpath) and Avening-avoiding a flooded road by running along the wall, dogs too.
As Sunday approaches survival is overcoming a desired time.

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