Saturday, 26 March 2011

I made up a cake recipe

Rhubarb and blood orange cake
I am always rather dependent on recipes, or just a quick google. Today I made a rhubarb cake and it worked, it wasn't actually rocket science and was just based around the 2oz to an egg rule.
8oz butter unsalted
8oz sugar(could of used less)
4oz polenta
5oz Sr flour
1tsp baking
Zest of a blood orange
Rhubarb jam
Basically I made the sponge in the usual way, creaming together the butter and sugar, adding the eggs with spoons of the dry ingredients and zest until all combined. I then put this in three sandwich tins, less in the third which I topped with sliced rhubarb. I then baked them at about 170c for 25 mins. I filled the layers with some rhubarb jam I made earlier in the week(that hasn't set as well as I hoped) then put the rhubarb topped sponge on the top. I made a quick icing with the juice of half a blood orange and sieved icing sugar which I poured over the top and enhanced the pinkness.

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