Friday, 25 February 2011

What's been cooking

On Wednesday we had friends for dinner, an excuse for some cooking.  As a starter we finished up the iman bayeldi, it was only with this last batch of aubergine finery that I realised you were meant to pour off the excess oil.  I also braised some fennel a la greque.  To follow was the last of the pheasant dishes, pheasant with calvados and cream, this was served with fried apples and braised celery.  The pheasants were cooked en cocotte, a great way to cook them quickly in a creuset on the hob in butter.  I then used the leftover pheasant to add to a second attempt at a pate, terrine de porc et de gibier.  A terrine made from veal, pork, fat and pheasant, I smashed the seasonings in a pestle and mortar to a intense looking paste of juniper, garlic, pepper and salt.
This week I also made Elizabeth's pears in cream; a nice alternative to my classic poached pears, mashed potato surrounded by meat juices and cream of spinach.  Mashed potato loaded with milk and butter surrounded by pork gravy was obviously a winner, the spinach was divine but I need to learn not to sieve in a hurry.
After the frustrations of the spinach we headed to the Horsley pantomime for some seriously light relief and some great Hobbs House references.

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