Monday, 21 February 2011

How I shop locally

In an effort to be organized and feel less like a ditsy headless chicken I have done all my shopping for the weekend on Friday.  For any cynics or questioners here is how I shop locally.  I started in the Horsley Community shop for all my basics, this is where I buy loo roll, toothpaste, cereal, and dairy(including a brie the two smallest and I demolished at lunch).  I also bought sugar and vanilla pods in bulk this week which is a more economical way.  The family butcher in Chipping Sodbury has met with all my meat needs, chicken breasts and a pork fest of ham, bacon, a leg of pork and frankfurters.  Then to Nailsworth and Bramleys for a box load of delicious looking fruit, vegetables, primroses and daffodils and even a few bargains from the overs box.  In true Friday spirit it’s fish tonight, some lovely looking black bream and some soup for lunch and other delicacies from Williams.  This week in Nailsworth I also managed some perfect birthday presents, a toy for the Godson and a nightie for the expectant Sister-in-Law.  The garage willingly replaced the brake light for the car.  The Yellow Lighted bookshop also provided me with great advice on what book to buy my 9 year old son to keep up the momentum with his reading, he has just completed all the Mr Gum books thanks to their original recommendation and now actually wants to read- A heartfelt Thank you.
We also headed to the local library to make the most of their bargain one night film hire.
So what else is on the menu this weekend?  For the first time I am cooking for Tom and others when he’s working on Sunday.  Of course I have turned to Elizabeth David for inspiration, a soupe au pistou, a green minestrone with a garnish of garlic and basil and hot pork rolls will be on the menu.  I will follow this with some home baked cakes, probably my new choice marmalade and maybe a ginger cake too.  I am going to squeeze in an imam bayeldi, my favourite  aubergine dish too, you never know when you might need it.
As you can see we are far from starving on this local lark, you could do it too.  

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