Sunday, 13 February 2011


Would anyone like to write this for me, feeling a little despondent, hardly surprising when you look out the window to the pouring rain.  I think it hits harder after yesterday was so beautiful, we did just walk the dog and found the first shoots of wild garlic, spring is on its way.  To cope with the downpour and the husband working on a Sunday I have just booked us into Tangled in 3D what better thing to do in the rain with 4 children?!
On Thursday night we avoided the temptation of Hobbs House Bistro and I cooked for the in-laws.  Salsify and aubergine beignets to start, brixham sand sole with mussels cooked in cider followed by vanilla souffle and roasted rhubarb.  I even impressed myself with this, the fish was amazing cooked similarly to the previous sole dishes.  By cooking the sole with cider on onions covered for 15 minutes, then adding parsley butter and the already cooked mussels for a hot 5 minutes made for sublime melt in the mouth fish.  
The souffle worked, with vanilla seeds popping in your mouth as good as any whizzing candy.
This week I stupidly opted out of little chef friday as the kids cooked an amazing beef curry.  The butchers in Nailsworth sold them some special ends of fillet and they made an amazing balti style sauce that they served with rice and raita.  We had salty salt cod(obviously), nice but the spicy break from Elizabeth David did appeal.
What shopping in Nailsworth late on Friday night with the kids made me realise-despite the absolute chaos , was as shopkeepers all you need to do is make us feel special.  In Nailsworth we are so fortunate to be served by people that know us usually by name and make us feel like we are getting something really special and that nothing is too much trouble.  I continue to be able to find all I need locally.

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    Do you fancy being interviewed or guest posting on my blog?
    I love reading your blog, you seem to fit so much in as well as your food challenge that quite frankly, mere mortals like me - would not even attempt!

    Anyhow, it would be great if you were interested, you can either blog about anything you wish or I can ask a few questions in an interview style, both with an intro to you and link through to your blog? Nothing huge - I just think readers of my blog would be interested in yours.

    If you would like to, please email me at emmabradshaw (at sign)