Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Elizabeth David does vegetarian

I am not sure whether ED did vegetarian I suspect she didn't but we managed to make a meat free feast using two recipes.  Braised celery(which I have cooked before) and mushrooms cooked in oil served with rice.  A dinner, a nice dinner, one that the children ate apart from the overtired small.  The celery is cooked in oil and butter then stock added at the end, the mushrooms were marinaded in oil for an hour to reduce sticking when you fry them in more oil after 5 minutes parsley and garlic was added.
Yesterday after my success of three recipes in my late night wisdom I decided to make a soup and a coffee cake.  The soup was good, leek, tomato and potato, "a simple soup where each individual flavour comes through"-too right Elizabeth.  Then a disastrous cake, just when I thought I had got better at actually following recipes I used a far too big tin.  It didn't look that big, how big is a 1 1/2 pint tin, small is the answer.  The cake was also rather confusing, no butter? Pardon? What I ended  up with is more of a swiss roll sponge with no coffee in and rather too flat.  You are supposed to layer the cake by slicing it lengthways, I managed to slice mine in half and then chopped it in half again to make four smaller layers.  I then made a coffee cream, the only coffee aspect of the cake.  This was a delicious pale ice with a delicate coffee flavouring, made like a butter icing with the edition of an egg yolk and espresso.

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