Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Night of love

Oysters Mornay,
Venison cutlets, cream of jerusalem artichokes and red kale,
Heart shaped cheese
Film, I am Love
I have rarely bought oysters so was surprised 6 from Williams were a mere £3.50.  These were opened washed and popped in the the oven topped with cream, shallots, parsley and gruyere.  Inevitably completely delicious.  I acquired venison cutlets, beautiful in a rack, thanks to the family butcher.  Unfortunately the recipe I had in mind was for a different cut, neck.  So last night I took off two chops each and pan fried them.  I then made ED windy(not so romantic) jerusalem artichokes in cream, very similar to a Jamie Oliver recipe I have previously followed, so tasty I had some for breakfast(strange). Then just a heart shaped cheese from Williams.

To complete our night of romance we watched an amazing film, I am Love starring Tilda Swinton with a nasty murder/accident to finish on.
Tonight I made the venison stew that should of been made with the neck using the cutlets.  Elizabeth occasionally uses cooked ham in her recipes where we would use bacon, I quite like this but this recipe definitely felt like I wasn't cooking it accurately.  Anyway the end result was edible and simply tasty served with her Pomme de terre l'ardennaise.  Grated potato stewed not fried in butter with crushed juniper berries, the kids particularly loved the potato.

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