Friday, 25 February 2011

Cooking for money

On Sunday I got paid a small amount of money for making lunch; a first.  Tom was filming, so my job was to make the crew of 10 a mobile lunch.  Of course I turned to Elizabeth David for inspiration, a soupe au pistou and pork rolls.  The soup was a green minestrone, (onion, leeks, green beans, courgette, potatoes, haricot beans, spaghetti, celery leaves) with a garnish of smashed garlic and basil stirred through at the last minute.
The pork was marinaded to taste like wild boar (in wine and vegetables), although not for the recommended four days.  It was then cooked in the strained marinade and a stock made from the skin for three hours.  At this point it was perfectly sliceable and we served it in a ciabatta roll with salad and homemade chutney.
Afterwards another marmalade cake, all went down very well with some delicious Sherston Apple Juice.

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