Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Back on it-three recipes in one meal

We are back, and in an attempt to avoid the mountain of washing, unpacking or dirty house I am back cooking.  Where better to start today than over a www.hobbshousebakery.co.uk scrambled eggs and bacon and a date with my Elizabeth David book.  For dinner tonight we had saddled hare cooked in cream with chestnut puree, savoy cabbage and potatoes l'aligot.  I used a saddle of hare left from the stew I cooked.  The saddle is the long skinny bit, not the rib cage.  It was cooked in cream, shallots and a dash of red wine vinegar.  Cooked slowly and covered then remove the cover for a final blast, then remove the sauce and warm through in a pan.  Elizabeth's detail and concern over the sauce splitting in the oven is fantastic but she reassures when you warm it through it comes good.  When the sauce has boiled you add a spoon of Redcurrant jelly(quince in my case), this was absolutely delicious.  I then completed my last chestnut recipe, I definitely won't promise to never buy a vacuum pack again.  I am not sure I have got any better at roasted chestnuts than when I started out.  I roasted them, boiled them, pureed them and warmed them though with butter.  She recommends them with the hare,  I liked them with the cabbage.  Then for the potato, A potato puree is made then heated in cream and butter, then you add a disproportionate amount of cheese and serve.
The hare was surprisingly nice really tender, I still don't love the smell of it cooking although it's not as bad as rabbit.  The potatoes were good, you couldn't particuarly taste the cheese and they ere quite stodgy.  Elizabeth advises that they aren't very light so recommends serving them as a first course with fried bread, that sounds pretty stodgy to me.

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