Friday, 25 February 2011

Eating out

Espresso braised brisket
We love eating out, regular readers will know this tends to be at our own Hobbs House Bistro.  The thing about eating out though, credit crunch and all is I now want my monies worth.  This doesn't mean it needs to be cheap but it either needs to be a darned sight better than I can cook or be exceptionally good value.  The Bistro falls in to both categories, good value with inspirational cooking I could almost attain at home.  Tonight we ate at the Thali Cafe in Bristol with a Christmas voucher, with the kids and an Uncle in tow a mere £60 for us all for tasty wholesome fayre.  What I no longer want to do is pay £60 for something dull, that's a big price for convenience.
So I am sure you can imagine my excitement over our lovely lunch with the Trethowans ( at The Ethicurian (  A great simple menu, seasonal home grown, few choices; our own Petersham Nurseries.  To start with we shared a delicious salad of goats cheese, beetroot and horseradish, served on a slate, perfect, beautiful.  To follow we both had brisket that had been braised in espresso, a black melt in the mouth experience, to quote my Granny "a nice bit of beef".  Not only was the beef delicious but it was served with great mash and seasonal vegetables on the side.  And yes these veg(parsnips and chard) were on the side, in the same dish, where they ought to be, please can we do away with side dishes, I never ever want my food to be overcompensated with an accompanying dish of wet dreary vegetables.  Got it.  So thank you to The Ethicurian not only did they get the veg right but the kids macaroni cheese and sausages and mash, and our yummy little yoghurt pannacotta with pedro sherry soaked raisins.  I would recommend to one and all that you get yourselves there quickly, they are on the telly tomorrow too,

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