Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I seem to of have an obsession with dresses.  In years gone by I have spent hours surfing the net looking at dresses I can't afford.  Often in search of something specific I can't afford, be it a wedding dress for my sister or a dress for me to wear to a wedding postnatally that I wouldn't possibly fit into.  Searching the likes of Net-a-porter, Matches or Browns I mastered the technique of either looking at the awe inspiring most expensive to start, "purely for inspiration".  Then reversing to cheapest first, a hard button to hit and swallow.  Anyway with these credit crunch times and shopping locally I had diverted my passion, maybe to Elizabeth David.
Since April 29th, I have mainly been obsessing about dresses again, oh yes those of Kate Middleton but this week Michelle Obama v's Sam Cam.  I think Michelle wins hand down, partly because Sam Cam's royal wedding Burberry efforts just didn't do it for me.  So in between watching clips of grounded limo's and awkward high fives and barbecues I have mainly been perving over the dresses.

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  1. Oh me too! I made the mistake of going into moonflower on Monday, so many nice things!