Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Last week when the sun was shining I turned off the oven, we have an oven that works like an aga with the ovens warming our hearth by being on all the time, this just left me with the hob and the desire for a different type of cooking.
On Monday we started out the week with a delicious piece of rump steak cooked on the barbecue. Then this week I had a good attempt at some seriously frugal cooking. Bramleys greengrocers had one of its demon mushroom offers. With a box of field mushrooms for £1 and some fresh peas from the 'overs' box we pretty much ate for a week. The majority of the mushrooms were used in an attempt at a classic Elizabeth David, mushrooms a la greque. The mushrooms were fried in a lot of olive oil with peeled tomatoes and seasonings of bay and coriander seeds, this made a great healthy lunch. The remaining mushrooms were served on toasted sourdough, mushrooms on toast remains one of my all time favourites, even if it's just for the smell of mushrooms frying in butter.
The fresh peas were used in a curry. I probably bought these just to have the pleasure of sitting in the sunshine and podding them. Somehow Tom got to pod them, but he did make a pretty good curry too.
Other meals this week were pretty thrifty, an omelette with new potatoes and a smoked haddock chowder. Our diet this week has attempted healthy, cheap with camouflaged vegetables for the kids, just a shame I have let the side down by eating any chocolate or cheese in sight.

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