Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A birthday lunch and vague instructions

It was a friends 40th birthday so I cooked her lunch.  A Galantine of Pork and ED's crudites.  The galantine appears to be a lighter version to rillettes sitting in stock rather than fat.  The pork was boiled with vegetables herbs, bones, rind and a trotter.  Elizabeth then tells you to chop the pork "not too small", but how small is not too small, for me it meant generous dice, but in eating the galantine I suspect this is too large.  You then add some of the rind and strained stock to this and leave it to set.  I still can't decide whether I like these fatty pork composites.  Elizabeth then gives a recipe for a jelly made with the remaining stock, which I am currently eating for lunch and now have slimed on the keyboard.  The stock was warmed with whisked egg white as the eggwhites gathered grime and sat on the top of the simmering liquid I worked out that they clarify the stock-Thankyou Elizabeth for telling me! This was then strained through a warm rinsed cloth to make a jelly.  Tasty as it is I am not entirely sure of it's purpose, answers on a postcard please? 
As for the crudites, it was great to work my way through her suggestions.  Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers seasoned and dressed.  Young broad beans picked from the garden, raw with salt.  Carrots grated with shallot, sugar, lemon and oil, celeriac remoulade and radishes.  I also made an egg mayonnaise, thrilled with the mayonnaise I produced in my kitchen aid, with 6 minute boiled eggs on top and a sprinkling of parsley.  
For pudding I made ED's Melon aux fraises des bois, I hollowed out the melon diced the fruit mixed with garden alpine strawberries and raspberries, kirsh and sugar stuffed back into the melon, yum.  A friend made Nigella's lemon polenta cake which was amazing despite the fact the children had gauged handfuls out of it first.   

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