Saturday, 25 June 2011


Whilst not at Glastonbury, I have been cooking. I came to make some meringues for tomorrow- the eating of the pig.  I normally make Ottolenghi's recipe but I have lent my book to the mother in law.  My first problem was the quantities I had a load of egg whites in the freezer in a measuring jug that I just kept adding too, this meant I needed to weigh them and work with the sugar proportions.  Unfortunately I didn't know the proportions so a mad google bought me to this blog that had the recipe for me, Not only did these girls provide me with my recipe but a beautiful blog, also living locally and some covetable wall paper.
Back to the Meringues, to make good meringues not as good of course as Sasha's at Hobbs House Bakery this is my secret recipe not hers.  Get some egg whites(always freeze surplus), weigh them, weigh twice as much sugar.  Put your sugar in a baking tray on greaseproof and heat until just colouring at the edges.  Meanwhile whisk your egg whites until stiff, then add the heated sugar gradually and whisk until practically cold (10 minutes). Dollop onto the same lined tray used for the sugar. Cook in an oven, either consistently in a low oven or start off in a hot oven until browning then transfer to a low oven.  Then cook for a long time until the bottom is tappable.

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