Saturday, 25 June 2011

A Saturday not spent at Glastonbury

Last night whilst watching U2 at Glastonbury I figured whilst I would love to see U2 at a festival (hopefully without too many U2 fans), the rain may have got the better of me.  I can all too clearly see the predicament of wet, tired, grizzly children not lasting another minute in the rain, not even for us to watch U2, " you who".  Then today watching non stop Glastonbury - amazing job BBC- do we ever need to go again?  I was remaining neutral until they start to announce "later Paulo Nuttini, Friendly Fires followed by Elbow", and the sun is shining.  As a grey cloud hangs over Horsley, Glastonbury is suddenly so appealing.  We even allowed ourselves a game of who would you see, studying the line up in detail, we are left with a Saturday night gap, no to Coldplay, nah to Chemical Brothers, early night? We did go before in 2005 when it rained to Glastonbury/biblical proportions, I was converted, Tom who did more carrying of what was then just two children still needs convincing.  This week Tom delivered to Glastonbury a whole lot of bakery products and is now quietly sitting on the fence over a return visit.  I more proactively will be taking the children to Camp Bestival in July and taking a view as to whether festivals are our future?

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