Wednesday, 1 December 2010

1st december

Emails received trying to persuade me to buy things; 7, Toast and Cath Kidston are turning into Johnny
Things bought, Village Shop, cereal, lemons, oranges, 4 loo roll, milk, coconut milk.  Treatment essentially you.
Things cancelled, 1, sorry Cath you had to go, I'm feeling stalked
Things cooked, Brocolli soup, Chicken and ham pie and my favourite ginger cake. Medlar and geranium jelly on the boil.
Lovely chilly day of alpine like walks and good food.  I think I love food too much, literally jumped for joy when I had my pie and cake lined up fresh out of the oven.  The food was all about the leftovers hot tip from Henry the Chef to use purple sprouting off cuts for soup, so used them with ham broth and served with bacon, blue cheese and leftover roasted almonds on top.  Then made a pie with the leftover chicken, ham and chicken stock, eaten with leftover coleslaw and salad.  The ginger cake was made from fresh and served with Chads cream. Yum Yum YUmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Some serious dedication from Mr Tom, found himself in a large DIY shop, (that he hates), he had just lined up his purchases when he remembered he wasn't local, put back his items and returned home empty handed.  

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