Friday, 31 December 2010

what recipe book is that from?

Cooked my way through a few recipes today, the husband clearly doesn't get it yet, he asked twice "what book is that from." he'll learn.
I cooked salsify, a root vegetable, apparently traditional but little known(the greengrocer boy wants me to go back and tell him what you do with it). Elizabeth David said to scrub all the black off, "a considerable trouble", stuff that, I peeled it, and it's ok, Hugh says you can peel. I plunged it into acidulated water, water with lemon it, does that count? Into boiling water for 20 mins, then drain fry in butter add parsley. Yum, flavour surprisingly mild, just ate as a snack: roars of laughter from family as they see us growing to the size of a house.
Today I threw together beetroot and celery salad; cooked beetroot, celery, garlic, wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and parsley. Great with my Mother in Laws turkey pie.

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