Saturday, 4 December 2010

4th december

Hello Blog, I just remembered you, havn't been thinking about you today.
Today I went to the shops and  I bought 10 packs of butter.
In the farmers market I bought, Chad's yoghurt, cream and butter, savoy cabbage onions, Jessies milk and Hobbs House bread.
In Stroud I bought a few stocking fillers, a jag for the boy and toothbrushes for the girls.  Relieved to find toothbrushes from father christmas in Sunshine, although they do normally get electric ones.  Some lovely birthday presents from the chikdrens bookshop.  Tom got the girls some gorgeous pocket dolls from the Ruskin mill fair.
I made a delicious Leon sausage hotpot for our friends with six kids then off out to a Popstar party tonight, just call me Florence.

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