Thursday, 9 December 2010


Eating Hobbs House Bakery Bistro rillettes, on Wild White, yum yum yum, but will be typing with the non eating hand.
I haven't bought any food for two days, unheard of I know, but the frugal food has done us so well we are on the third day of consumption.
Don't worry for my health and welfare though I have replaced food shopping with Christmas shopping, and due to all you wonderful independents we are almost there.  And oh yes it has all been achieved local, there will not be one internet parcel sneaking in through the back door.  Yesterday there was a book from, bought for the husband to be used by me, scented drawer liners and the last of the stocking fillers.  I revisited Heritage in Stroud for the boy, an amazing perfect Lego truck, quad towing thing in a suitably large box to thrill, all using the 10% off from the SNJ.  I then embarrased myself by being suitably thrilled and excited in to find one of the last requests from a make called Electric Sheep.
The local haircut has washed well and I don't look like an 'Electric Sheep'

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