Friday, 10 December 2010

cooking and shopping

shopping and cooking, a happy place to be.
It's been all about food today, food for the cupboard, food to eat, food for the weekend and food for christmas.
Started off early with a basics shop at Horsley Community shop, then home to, the very local hero who removed Tom's shirt stiffeners from the washing machine and got it going, the naughty dog who ate the vital bit of the espresso maker, and the lovely neighbour who walked the naughty dog.  Anyway it was all fine by the time I had coffee with friends at Hobbs.
Today I cooked, some oaty biscuits from Delia's Frugal Food, crumbly and yummy and made a new batch of granola.  The kids made pizzas for their dinner, they made the bases last night and chose toppings from Williams today.  We had friends for dinner.  I cooked from Skye Gyngell, A Year in my Kitchen,  I have been loving that book.  I cooked lamb, chilli and prune stew with pureed sweet potato.  Really delicious, I thought I had over chiillied again but mellowed with the addition of prunes, maple syrup and tamari.  I then bought some new season pink rhubarb from Bramleys, I roasted this and added it to the leftover meringues and cream.  Suitably replete. Goodnight.

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