Saturday, 1 January 2011

The pudding that didn't get eaten

I am not really used to making the pudding that doesn't get eaten at a party, but Elizabeth David clearly doesn't aesthetically tick peoples pudding box. The all english trifle and brownies were the clear winner.
Chocolate and Chestnut cake, not a cake.
It wasn't as easy to shell the chestnuts as promised, but far cheaper and more rewarding than the vacuum packs I'm accustomed too. This was sieved, easily, butter, sugar and water added. you then set this overnight in the fridge. The following day I made chocolate covering, melted chocolate with sugar water and butter. This pleasingly made the right amount, no Nigella icing to cake disproportions here. I liked the cake, surprisingly as I remember disliking Nigellas chocolate chestnut cake. So maybe I should stop feeling dejected and enjoy scoffing the lot myself.
Galette aux fruits.
This tart still failed the popularity test but met the need of the daughter wanting to make bread. The dough contains 5oz flour, 1/2oz yeast(baker since informs me to half amount if using dried yeast), 1 1/2oz butter, 1 egg and salt. This made a delicious briochesque dough, when prooved we pushed it into a tart tin until it looked very pretty. We then topped it with buttery sliced apples. Just before the end of the cooking we(the baker had got involved) added a topping of cream and a egg yolk, ten minutes a later an anaemic looking tart was cooked. He(the baker) gave it some extra colour with the blow torch. I liked this tart a lot and it makes a grand store cupboard pud/cake standby that can be topped with any fruit. It could maybe of been sweeter, a little sugar in the dough?
The rest went down very well today after a long family walk with cup of tea.

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