Monday, 10 January 2011

She's a goody that David.

Over the weekend I  have cooked;
Eggs cocotte served with leftover chorizo good as The Providores turkish egg
Boiled sausages with a hot potato salad...easy way to cook sausages, kids suspicious of whiteness
Bacon and eggs with leftover hot potato salad and sausages...bacon too thick to be a real success
Shin of beef stew with potato dauphinoise and glazed carrots....legendary, mastered vichy carrots
Apple and chestnut stuffing.... for the freezer for a turkey at a later date
Ham omelette with,

Jerusalem Artichokes cooked in stock with leftover  Beef stew....impressed husband
Chestnuts in Kirsch.......mastered the art of shelling chestnuts,
Everything has worked, delicious, simple.  I haven't even used much butter.

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