Sunday, 23 January 2011

roast salt marsh lamb finery

How can anyone write a food blog after watching come dine with me?  What part of that would you want to learn from or replicate.
I don't think I have told you about the Pissaladiere I made this week.  This was my appeasement with the kids, an attempt to fool them that I had cooked them a pizza.  They are groaning more about Elizabeth David.  I think they just like to groan.  The so called pizza was made from a buttery dough with an egg in.  Topped with onions, tomato, anchovies and olives.  The children enjoyed it but not as much as a pizza.  
Unfortunately, fortunately we were out Friday and Saturday that made little space for Elizabeth.  So on Friday a fried egg cooked under a lid, topped with brown(not quite burnt) butter and heated white wine vinegar, yum.  Then Saturday, another omelette, not just another omelette but one to be boasted by the husband, a black pudding one.  You fry off the black pudding, then fry off some shallots and parsley added these to the eggs.  Then made an omelette in "the usual way" with half the eggs, then another and sandwiched these together with the black pudding as the filling, totally simple and a very tasty breakfast.  Today I made eggs cocotte with cream (flying through the egg, cheese dish section) in a hurry which made rather raw egg cocotte.
The Elizabeth David finale was tonight.  Salt marsh lamb bought from Cullimores at Stroud Farmers market, grown in Slimbridge, was roasted in "the usual way", I wasn't entirely convinced what Elizabeths way was so I used mine.  Seasoned, a couple of garlic cloves poked in, olive oil drizzled and a splash of stock in the tin, nice.  I served this with lovingly sieved onion sauce, sweet and sour red cabbage, vichy carrots and her roast potatoes.  Her potatoes cooked in an oven are boiled whole in their skins to a little underdone(or overdone by me today), peeled and cubed.  Then seasoned and cooked in melted goose fat in an earthenware shallow dish.  A jolly nice dinner, Henry the chef was relieved the lamb wasn't from his new butchery but I thought it nice.

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