Monday, 24 January 2011

One lonely recipe and marmalade

Today I have only made one recipe, courgette and tomatoes.  I finally saw the point of salting courgettes: verdict still out on aubergines,  I salted them left them to rest in a colander for less time than it said, but when I shook them in a tea towel, there was water to be absorbed.  The simple lonely recipe today then involved frying the dry courgettes in olive oil, adding a crushed garlic clove and chopped skinned tomatoes.  So uncomplicated and delicious, we had ours with leftover lamb from last night, and the kids had theirs with pasta.  Why do they always eat pasta with such gusto and guaranteed empty plates?  Also on the go we have this years marmalade.  I normally use Riverford's sevilles and recipes but this year I got them from the farmers market and I am trying out a River Cottage recipe from their Preserves book.  I don't know why preparing marmalade is such bliss. the smell and chopping of the oranges fills me with sweet homely cheer.  The only downside is how can a recipe say it takes 15 minutes to set and mine is still going on a fast boil over an hour later.  I used to put this down to my aga but now I am on gas.  The method I am using is whole oranges, pith and all but no pips and caster sugar.  The River Cottage book also has a recipe for blood orange marmalade and one with demerara  sugar I will be trying, thats if I don't tire having stayed up all night waiting for setting point.


  1. Hi Anna, I used a Riverford recipe last year, that came with the oranges in the box and recall it took a lot longer, but things usually do on my stove, which is gas too. I haven't made any this year yet, would you recommend the River Cottage preserves book? Emma

  2. Hi Emma, The River Cottage preserves book was a Christmas present so this is my first attempt at any recipe, looks good though. The all in one recipe was easy and the marmalade delicious, particularly on a Hobbs House G-stone,