Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Wet soup, slimy mussel and sourdough cake.

Must learn to follow recipes, still is my temptation to bypass ingredients, reduce amounts or not measure.
Yesterday in a mad rush when I should have been tidying the pig sty I decided to make Creme Flamande, cream of onion and potato soup.  I don't know why me and the smallest didn't just have a cheese sandwich.   Mistake number 1, double the recipe, then realise don't have double the ingredients.  Its a simple soup really boil potatoes, leek, onion, parsley(I forgot) in water (I added too much, didn't measure),  Boil until "sievable", fry another onion(not a manky one) in butter add to sieved soup with hot cream.  Probably add some more parsley somewhere and serve.  Mine was very thin, too much water or not enough determination with the sieve?  But still was pretty edible with Hobbs House baguette smothered in butter.
Today I attempted my first Elizabeth David mussels recipe, Moules a la Normande.  A yummy dish of mussels cooked on shallots, celery leaves, parsley and white wine.  Cook the mussels then remove, pass juices threw a muslin cloth, I even did this, impressed? Reduce the liquid by half add boiled cream and butter for luck.  Elizabeth advised removing the empty shell of each mussel, with all best intentions I started this then threaked that the mussels were overcooked and therefore best serve instantly.  Fortunately Henry the chef and Jessica were here for dinner and as we were left with slimy cold unopened mussels he informed me they weren't cooked not overcooked.  I know, d'oh you idiot, but apparently they solidify the longer you cook them not melt.  A very good lesson learnt and saved.  They were returned to the pan all eaten and the delectable juices were all mopped up with ciabatta.
Another experiment, can you make a classic victoria sponge with sourdough?  Yes... well kind of.  I made a classic victoria sponge today 6,6,6,3, but rather than adding self raising flour and baking powder I added 3 tbsp of sourdough.  This made for a dense but moist cake, topped with lemon glace icing it was pretty good.  Sorry Elizabeth but the next test is Chelsea Buns with sourdough.

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