Sunday, 2 January 2011

one pack of butter and a roast dinner

Today I cooked my first all Elizabeth David roast dinner.  
Chicken roasted in butter,
I stuffed the chicken with butter (obviously), seasoned and with tarragon added.  I then smeared the bird with butter and roasted and turned it for little over an hour.
To accompany I attempted Puree de celeri-rave et pommes de terre, but it became pommes de terre or mash.  Elizabeth said to boil the celeriac whole, and then sieve but timings didn't work out and it wasn't soft enough, I'll make celeriac soup tomorrow.  The potatoes were boiled whole just scrubbed, when tender I peeled then I whisked these, electric whisk, not hand, sorry Elizabeth, adding hot milk and butter.
To accompany I made onion sauce, frying the onions in butter for 7 minutes then adding a spoon of flour and hot milk, you can use stock, I will try this to reduce the dairy intake.  I then reluctantly sieved it, but it produced an amazing delicious small amount of intense flavoured sauce.
For vegetables, Vichy carrots, didn't manage the knack of boiling down all the water but will try again.  Then green beans with butter!  We then carved and served the chicken with the buttery juices.  
To follow we ate the last of the christmas pudding and brandy butter, oops.  

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