Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Faisan au riz basquais

I had an amazing morning in the almighty Nailsworth today, one of those very rare moments where I fitted loads in before having to collect a child.  We started with a run along the cycle path, exercise and air for dog, babe and I, tick.  Followed by a good food shop where I got everything I needed and more for tonight's dinner.  A boiling sausage and jarred peppers from,  William will also try to get me Woodcock, apparently difficult this year due to the cold.  Plovers and thrush is still prooving difficult!  Blood oranges for more marmalade and sweet peppers from Bramleys.  I then had my haircut in C2 and still had time for a coffee and post exercise cake in Hobbs before child collection.  Dinner was amazing I was looking forward to this recipe and new it would be a winner with the family.  Elizabeth suggested a guinea fowl as a good alternative to pheasant.  The fowl was browned with onions then pot roasted with bacon and the boiling, bouquet garni in water.  I made a sauce of sweet peppers and skinned tomatoes( I love it that she never makes you seed tomatoes) and paprika.  This was all served on rice with some of the stock stirred through.  I have to confess I cooked the rice my foolproof way not Elizabeth's that involved a double saucepan.  It was then a thrill to serve as suggested all on one plate and bring triumphantly to the table with her green salad.
I haven't told you yet about the cauliflower soup I made yesterday.  You boiled the cauliflower to sieving point.  Obviously I didn't get this right and had to reboil it in bouillion, it was then sieved and a cup of milk and water added.  A lot of butter was then melted in and four egg yolks stirred and heated through.  I have never added egg yolks to a soup before but have seen it in eastern recipes.  I probably slightly
over heated it as it was slightly curdled.  It was still delicious and is titled Cream of Cauliflower soup despite no cream.

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