Thursday, 6 January 2011

40 weeks

Can I cook this in 40 weeks;
30 sauces
35 hor d'oeuvres/salads
29 soups
51 egg, cheese or hot hor d'oeuvres
24 other pork dishes
85 vegetable dishes
64 fish
81 meat dishes
44 puddings
11 a week, easy, may have to reduce how many times we eat at the Hobbs House Bistro, so to up the cooking opportunities.
Today I cooked Saucisses a la Navarraise.  Probably the simplest recipe yet, a staple with no sieving.  Chorizos, peppers and a splash of liebfraumilch(what to do with the rest?) served with crostini baguette and brocolli(targeting the 5 a day). Very delicious, although the boy prefers spicier chorizo and they all ate but didn't scoff.  I think I'll just make a quick chocolate cake if I am going to hit 11, has anyone ever melted chocolate in the oven? Here goes...

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