Sunday, 16 January 2011

the nicest one I have ever had

We have had a full on weekend of celebration, my Pa's 60th and four children's birthday parties.  I thought I was neglecting ED but managed to knock out 5 recipes today, that and expanding and perfecting my omelette range.  I have now made her mushroom one, ham one, cheese and fine herbs. The cheese has been the favourite so far.  She instructs you to heat your pan, then melt your butter at full heat until it is about to change in colour.  Then add your eggs and finely grated parmesan already very lightly beaten(just combined) with two forks.  Top with gruyere cubes then cook for a few minutes till just set, no popping it in the oven to finish, fold into three.  
Yesterday I used up the leftover partridge in a suggested salad of watercress and hard boiled eggs. Elizabeth says to hard boil eggs for 7 to 10 minutes from cold, these were very runny, I think I prefer Gordon's method of 6 minutes when added to boiling water. I think the salad would of benefitted from more texture roasted seeds or pomegranate molasses would have been delicious.
Today for a family lunch Faisan a la Choucroute.  I hadn't cooked choucroute before and Elizabeth was a bit assumptive that I knew what I was doing, I have cooked a red cabbage similarly slowly but this was white cabbage.  An onion was fried in goose fat, then I added washed cut white cabbage with juniper berries, then added stock and wine.  I added the grated potato too early which meant you probably couldn't tell it was there.  This was the simmered in my simmering oven for over an hour, kirsch was then sloshed in before serving.  We served this with Pheasant en cocotte, mashed potato(husband redeemed "the nicest one I have ever had") and carrots vichy(not fishy).  For pud we had chocolate souffle, potential beginners luck produced a beautiful upstanding moist dish enjoyed by us all.  
My Mum produced the classic line today "where is this recipe from?", but she's learning. Its funny flicking through the weekends papers and not looking out for recipes. This week presents the game challenge I am anxiously working my way through this so to complete it by the end of the season. I have already pot roasted two pheasant and stewed four partridge.  The list in full stands at 3 more partridges, 3 more pheasant, 1 woodcock, plovers, teal, thrush and 5 hares one with blood.  Already I don’t like the smell of game cooking and the kids and I have tired a little of the flavour. I don’t think I can bear to tell the children I need to stuff another cabbage, and this time with a partridge.

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