Monday, 17 January 2011

A jolly nice meal at Hobbs House Bistro

A bias review of Hobbs House Bistro.
We filled the bistro on Saturday night to celebrate my Dad's 60th.  There was 24 of us of different ages and a veritable smorgasbord of eating habits.  The menu was fantastic, something for everyone, nearly all of us had three courses.
Baskets of great bread welcomed us to the table with Ant's superb tapenade, perfect washed down with prosecco.  I had a half pint of prawns, beautiful, with just the right amount of homemade mayonnaise.  Next I had a pork chop with honey gremolata and squash.  The pork chop had been cooked as a rack in the wood fired oven, so was incomparably tasty and moist, the gremolata was amazing, a perfect balance of herbs and honey that didn't cloy.  Served with a squash cake and pak choi.  For pudding, chocolate fondant gooey in the middle with orange caramel, need I say more.
The whole evening was faultless, we pre ordered the food, Annie quickly worked out who was who and everyone was delivered their food promptly and without error.
If I was you I would go now and take advantage of the free course we are offering.  I have seen this weeks menu and I am not sure I can resist a visit for the cornish fish stew and ash baked bread.  The problem with weekly visits to the Bistro is one less night for Elizabeth.

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