Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mummy, I heard you swear

It was all going well, simple, Stewed Partridges, fry off some bacon in butter add the partridges breast down.  Add brandy set fire to it:sharp decline down hill, I couldn't light the brandy, it said to pour it in then set fire, this didn't work, I remember setting fire to brandy in a ladle before then pouring over, this may of worked better.  I then added wine and a bouquet garni and popped in a medium oven for 40 minutes.  Easy, simple.  Until in my wisdom I thought I would reattempt the boiling of a whole celeriac.  I got my Ma to buy me a celeriac and forgot to advice her to get a small one, so the beast would not cook to a sievable consistency.  Once again the potatoes remained Pommes Puree.  Some advice for you do not attempt to sieve a hard celeriac or hand whisk potatoes with a toddler whinging clinging to your left leg.
The partridges were then removed from their juices, the juices reduced and butter added.  All served with overdone old cabbage .  The kids weren't convinced about the partridge, "yuck", the baby loved it, particularly the bones, and feeding it to the dog,"sit". I simultaneously cooked Potage Crecy(carrot soup), grated carrot(?!), a shallot, potato and chicken stock.  I will now attempt to sieve this.
We have lots of partridge left and no one to eat it and 3 more partridge recipes to go.

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