Monday, 3 January 2011

I can't poach an egg

I did know I couldn't poach an egg, but can I really not poach an egg.  Today I followed Elizabeth Davids method of blast boiling the egg in the shell, then creating a whirpool in the vinegared water.  The result was overcooked yoke and little white.  I can feel a Julie and Julie moment ahead of me, I will conquer it.
Today I have been feeling the effects of overeating,  I wasn't sure whether I could face an Elizabeth David dinner(already),  but I cooked her Chicken with Cream and Cheese sauce, not terribly light but we just had it with brocolli,( to the cries of "is that it?"( and of course Wild White.  I cooked her white sauce in a new way, not Delia's all in one.  Melt the butter, then add the flour, "no fire", then add hot milk gradually, then when thickened cook for another twenty minutes in a bain marie(a larger saucepan with water in). I then added cheddar, not quite the recipe, eek,  then layered in with leftovers from yesterdays chicken and baked, really delicious.  Nearly a week in I must attempt some of her more complicated recipes, stuffed cabbage with bacon and chestnuts tomorrow???

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