Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Just steak

Well not just steak, not only Elizabeth David's Entrecote Grille, but Henry's steak.  The first steak from the Hobbs House butchery in Chipping Sodbury.  Henry and Jess joined us for dinner to celebrate.
So the steak beautifully cut to just over 1/2 inch thick was seasoned with just pepper, coated with oil and cooked on my hot plate for 4 minutes a side, perfection.  ED said to grill but my all singing all dancing oven doesn't have a grill!  But the hotplate worked a treat.  The steak was served with leftover ratatouille.  Definitely feeling the threat of the more challenging recipes.  Partridge stew tomorrow,.. take four old birds....Need to confirm that Tom is here for dinner tomorrow, not sure I can cope serving that one up to the kids on my own!

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