Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Cooked out

This cooking lark is exhausting.  Today I cooked her celeriac and potato soup, although I didn't exactly follow the recipe, so I am not sure it counts.  I realize toady how many corners I cut when I cook, not only an aversion to sieving but also washing up.  I always try to use as few pans as possible.  So when Elizabeth says to cook the celeriac and potato seperately I am bemused, does it matter, does it effect the flavour enough to justify a whole new saucepan!  My variation was using up leftovers, key if this project achieves zero waste.  I used up the celeriac that didn't cook properly on Sunday(will need to attempt boiling a whole celeriac to sieving point again),  I reboiled and sieved laboriously.  I then added leftover potato puree(mash), is this a disastrous move in culinary terms? I then added milk and seasoning and cream and made for a pale and tasty soup that could of improved on texture.  Although with www.hobbshousebakery.co.uk baguette and butter, divine. 
My other contribution today was peeling chestnuts, another labour intensive task that I am yet to master.  I forgot we were out for pizzas tonight, light relief,  so we will have the stuffed cabbage tomorrow.
I am still shopping locally and today I found toothbrushes and deodrant in Green Spirit and Alistair Sawdays latest Eat Slow Britain in Emmaus Charity shop, success.


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  2. Yum, Stuffed Cabbage for dinner.......
    Darling, I'll be home as soon as I can.

  3. Agh, thats me TOM not Anna posting that last comment, (my laptop left logged in as SheShopsLocal!!!!..