Sunday, 28 November 2010


The cereal dilemma,
Children like cereal, my children like expensive cereal, their preferred choice is Kellogs Special K red berries, oh yes the one that retails at £3.50 unless on a supermarket special,  and oh yes the one they don't sell in independents.
The children are surviving on fire porridge, Oaty Bites (bought locally at £3.29 and lasting about 3 days) and basic cereals from the village shop such as rice crispies with honey on.
Fire Porridge, for those of you who don't know fire porridge, or have had my children request it at sleepovers, I will fill you in.  Make porridge, sprinkle with a little too much sugar, brulee with your blow torch. Serve to your loved ones, they eat porridge, result.  As for us homemade granola is the answer, lovely on porridge, not fired.

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