Monday, 15 November 2010

Day 12

Emails received trying to persuade me to buy things; 9
Things bought, Village Shop, milk, vegetables, lentils, noodles, cream, clementines, lemons, garlic, cider vinegar, muscovado.  Bramleys, chillis, clementines (addicted), purple sprouting(1st lot, can't wait), limes. Pet shop, dog stuff.  Country Quality meat, a tongue, 2 pheasants jointed.  Nailsworth Ironmongers (Gordons), daffodil and tulip bulbs, broad beans to plant.
Things cancelled, 3 unsubscribed.
Things cooked, Vegetable and lentil soup using goose stock.  Pheasant curry (Murgh something), rice and homegrown chard.
Lush shopping, lush food.  Boy planted the broad beans and daffs.  Daughter 2 needed a prescription today so went into Lloyds, didn't buy anything, didn't have to pay for prescription, does that still count?  Are there any independent chemists anywhere, Minch, Tetbury?  Soup was surprisingly nice, kids finished the cassoulet and I made my fave curry for old school friends, perfect, yum.  About to run out of loo roll, village shop? 4 rolls will only get us to the weekend.  Tom is about to run out of shaving gel, Movember? into december.  Rented Cinderella dvd from the library, 50p for a night, 50p, didn't know anything cost 50p, on that note must cancel LoveFilm.  
Tomorrow brings episode 3 of Turn Back Time, featuring my very own "Traffic Warden", should I make apple cake with beef dripping and wish me luck with the tongue, a little bit scared.   

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