Friday, 19 November 2010

Day 16

Hello Blog, me again , jolly and full after a good fill at Hobbs House Bistro, mussels in perry, rare venison and mocha tart mmmmmm.
Now for the formalities,
Emails received; 9, oops must unsubscribe some more
Catalogues received; 2
Things bought; lovely weekly shop of basics and not so basic at Horsley Community shop, fruit, veg, milk, bacon, cumin, curry powder, bay leaves, cream, tomato puree, kids crisps and oj, garlic, tomato puree, bacon.  Pork shoulder, the most amazing cheddar and banter and talk of rabbit from Country Quality.
Things cooked; Yummy loaded scrambled eggs ( free range eggs from farmers market really good), old Williams quiche out of the freezer with purple sprouting, Carbonara for the kids.
So impressed with The Horsley Community Shop, got all I want for the weekend and more there this afternoon. just needed a Sunday joint from the butchers and I'm afraid my loyalty lies with Chad for my weekly 4 packs of butter tomorrow at the farmers market. We will be cycling there tomorrow so surely that will burn off a pack or two.

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